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History of the Kashmir Sapphire

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About www.Kashmir-Sapphires.com

Through a network of Gemologists and private collectors, we are able to obtain the highest possible monetary offer for you on Fine Kashmir Sapphires.

This includes either damaged or beautifully finished  Kashmir stones, with original jewelry mountings or without. We pay by electronic transfer, check or cash. As a Gemologist and well known connoisseur of fine sapphires, I am frequently approached to either buy, sell or broker fine Kashmir sapphires.

Having a gemological laboratory of my own my gemological associates and I can confirm whether or not a Kashmir sapphire is heated to enhance the depth of color, the stone is, in fact, a Kashmir sapphire, OR a sapphire from another known locale.

I am a certifiedMaster Gemologist Appraiser, M.G.A., A.G.A., buyer and seller of fine gems, photojournalist, speaker, and international gemstone consultant.

The primary focus of my business is the purchasing of estate jewelry and fine loose gem stones.

I have particular expertise and experience in the buying and selling of fine sapphires and fancy colored diamonds.

Apex Consulting Master Gemologist Appraiser Morgan, Kashmir Sapphire specialist,Master Gemologist Appraiser, M.G.A., A.G.A.

Apex Consulting
G.I.A. Certified
Master Gemologist Appraiser, M.G.A., A.G.A.

I also have extensive field experience purchasing rough diamonds in Venezuela; emerald, lapis lazuli and pink topaz in Pakistan and Afghanistan; and fine blue and fancy colored sapphires in Sri Lanka.

I received myMaster Gemologist Appraiser, M.G.A., A.G.A. diploma in residence from the Gemological Institute of America, Santa Monica Campus, in 1987.   

Among the individuals that have assisted me in learning photomicrography have been John Koivula and other gemologists in the field.

Additionally, I studied at the Brooks Institute of Photography and operated as a photo intelligence specialist in the US NAVY.

"At www.kashmir-sapphires.com You'll discover the difference real knowledge and access to world markets can make."

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